Why Blue Lagoon Resort?

Because it makes sense…..

Blue Lagoon Resort is your premier holiday property rental accommodation in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Private property rentals for a romantic holiday vacation, weekend family retreat or your personal base to explore the historic seaside town of Hua Hin, Blue Lagoon Resort has some of the newest and most exciting, private villa and apartment properties available in Hua Hin.

Whether you call them villas, apartments, condominiums or suites, we are the only 5 star resort project in Thailand that offer this type of rental properties, together in the same complex, with an international 5 star hotel, the new Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Accommodation for your golf holidays, or just weekend relaxation, Hua Hin Blue Lagoon Resort properties for daily, weekly, monthly and long term rent, your official holiday property rentals, one of the best choices in Hua Hin, Thailand. Sand, sea and sunshine, beachfront property rentals in Hua Hin. Choose your own villa, condominium or apartment unit.

Again, whether you call them villas, houses or a home, our property rentals at Blue Lagoon Resort offer all these accommodations, plus we are beachfront. The safest and most secluded stretch of golden sand beach in Hua Hin.

Blue Lagoon Resort offer premier one, two, three and four bedroom rental properties in conjunction with the Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa, the rental properties for a memorable holiday vacation. All Blue Lagoon Resort guests are invited and encouraged to use all Sheraton Resort & Spa hotel facilities. Think about what that means…..

When planning your next holiday vacation or family outing think about what that means…. having a one or two bedroom apartment or a three or four bedroom villa, spacious, fully furnished and fitted, in the same complex as the new Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa. The best of both worlds rolled into one.

Hua Hin Blue Lagoon Resort. Your premier holiday accommodation in Hua Hin.

Many independent holidaymakers have come to realize the advantages of renting a private holiday property as the preferred alternative for their holiday accommodation.  With all of our Blue Lagoon properties you can be assured of great service in a holiday resort that meets your quality expectations.

Blue Lagoon Resort holiday property rentals, ideal for families, groups of friends and a great location for that special celebration or occasion. Maybe you are looking for a unique wedding location, or needing accommodation for your special interest groups, next trip. We have many alternatives for you that can be much cheaper than a luxury hotel and much more comfortable than a hotel, but still enjoying all the incredibly great, first class facilities of a hotel.

Think about it…..It makes sense.


Why a Villa or Apartment ?

 What makes Rental Properties different from other vacation accommodations?

More and more, holiday travelers are looking to villa or condominium rentals for their vacations because they offer many advantages that you won”t find elsewhere. Simply put, a property rental is the ultimate private vacation experience.

Here are a few features that make property rentals different from renting hotels rooms:

Maximum Privacy

Secluded and intimate, villas and condominiums are the perfect retreat. Far from the crowds and strangers, you”ll be able to relax in peace and solitude or enjoy the company of your family and friends in a comfortable gathering space. Relax and unwind in the privacy of your own space. Having your family and friends together to discuss your holiday options.

Enhanced Experience

Villas and apartments are not just a place to sleep – they are part of your vacation experience. From its décor to its location, a rental property will immerse you in the region”s culture and give you the opportunity to participate in the rhythm of everyday life.

Ultimate Comfort

When you”re on vacation, a villa or apartment is your home away from home, which means you can enjoy your vacation your way. Create your own meals in the kitchen, relax on your private terrace or lounge around the living room, if that”s what you want. Enjoy the spaciousness of a house, all to yourself and create your own time table. Every villa and apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, giving you the option to prepare your own meals, which results in considerable savings in food costs.

Personalized Service

Savor the luxury of attentive maid service and personalized meals prepared by a private cook, or if you prefer solitude, take pleasure in the knowledge that you won”t be disturbed. When you rent a villa or apartment you choose the level of service that will make your vacation experience complete. Activities and services are catered specifically to you and your family or friends needs.

Superior Value

Renting a villa or apartment is often less than the cost of staying in hotel rooms, especially for larger groups, with the added benefit of having your own space. Plus, you control which extras will make your holiday vacation special, rather than having to agree to pre-packaged vacations. You will not pay hidden fees for services or activities that you don”t need or want. Rather than paying for two, three or four separate hotel rooms, you can rent an entire villa or apartment. People who rent villas or apartments often say they”ll never go back to vacationing any other way.