Property Rentals

When you think about renting a weekend accommodation or a property rental that will give you more satisfaction for your money, Blue Lagoon Property rentals is the premier rental service.

If you always thought that renting a serviced property was not easy, think again, serviced property rentals are as easy as booking a hotel room. With expectations and knowledge that renting can be a fun way to enjoy your family holiday, now is the time to experience serviced property rentals and rent a property at Blue Lagoon Resort. Our guests know that when they rent at Blue Lagoon Resort that they can be assured of an enjoyable hassle free renting experience. Our rental reservations are professional and efficiently handled. Our rental properties and rental facilities are well maintained and our staff are both professional, friendly and helpful.

Think of the renting advantages of Blue Lagoon Rentals when discussing your next holiday vacation. With a rented service property you will soon see the distinct difference in hotel rentals and property rentals.  We are dedicated to providing exceptional quality personalised service, we focus on understanding the rent needs and rent objectives of each guest.

Blue Lagoon rentals is one of the leading rental services and serviced property rental firms, committed to delivering exceptional rent services for holiday seekers that are looking for that perfect rental accommodation.

The distinct advantages of renting a serviced apartment/condominium or private villa rental are numerous. Not only are serviced rental apartments and villas less expensive than a hotel room but the nightly rates decrease the longer you stay. You”ll also always get more space, more freedom and more privacy than a hotel would ever allow.

Serviced rental nightly rates for apartments and villas rental properties reduce according to the length of your stay. This is due to a number of contributing factors.

• One of the most important factors is with a serviced apartment and villa rental, having your own fully fitted and functional kitchen, will provide huge savings, not having to eat out at a restaurant everytime a family member is hungry.

• Maid service is normally provided less frequently than in a hotel. The cost savings accrued by the rental property operator in terms of reduced wage bills and less frequent laundering of sheets/towels are reflected in the reduced nightly rates.

• Serviced apartment and villa rental properties do not generally have a restaurant. Hotels without a restaurant wouldn”t be a hotel in most people”s minds, so most hotels are obliged to operate at least one if not four or five. Not having to supplement the running costs of such restaurants helps keep serviced apartment and villa rental nightly rates more competitive.

• Hotels need to provide numerous staff, often 24 hours a day, including reception staff and housekeeping. Although at Blue Lagoon Resort there is always someone available 24/7 to help you if you need any assistance, serviced apartment and villa rentals have far fewer staff than hotels, so this is another huge saving that can be passed on to you.

• In addition to all this, don”t forget that staying in a serviced apartment or villa rental property lowers your total cost of your holiday stay due to the massive savings you can gain from removing hotel laundry bills, room service bills, hotel restaurant bills and over inflated internet costs, not to mention the ++ serviced charge, that is attached to every hotel purchase.