Hua Hin Golf

Hua Hin is fast gaining a reputation as the premier golf destination in South East Asia. You can play on world class courses, all at affordable prices, making it the perfect destination for your next holiday. The Hua Hin golfing experience could well be the difference between a superb vacation and the holiday of a lifetime. It’s as good as that.

Hua Hin is situated on the west coast, of the gulf of Thailand, surrounded by beautiful scenic-mountains and sea views, with beach and recreation facilities. Here is the ideal environment for the family vacation or close friends enjoying a well earned golf holiday.

On the golfing side, we are blessed with 12 excellent golf courses, kept to the highest of standards, in the immediate area, you will not be disappointed. The combination of incredibly picturesque golf courses, brilliantly landscaped with tropical trees, flowers and shrubs, favorable year-around weather and inimitable Thai hospitality is truly hard to beat.

It’s little wonder that so many foreign golfers are repeat visitors.

Hua Hin golf courses have all the hallmarks of the world’s finest facilities. Golfers can rest assured that they will face the most exciting of challenges from brilliantly conceived individual holes featuring all kinds of interesting hazards, from canyons to mighty bunkers and daunting lakes. Hua Hin courses are set in some of the most remote areas, where there’s a possibility of giant lizards taking a stroll across the fairway. You might even glimpse elephants foraging in nearby fields. In virtually every case, imported grass has been laid on greens and sections of the fairway to ensure the actual feel that the course replicates top international clubs.

A highlight of golf in Hua Hin is its caddie system. In general, the responsibility for carrying the bags and helping to select suitable clubs falls to ladies, clad in striking uniforms and hats specially designed to protect them from the tropical sun. Despite their courteous demeanor, there’s little these delightful friendly ladies do not know about the courses characteristics. As many golfers have discovered, Thai caddies can offer useful insider knowledge of impending hazards, choice of clubs, where best to lay up and speed of the greens. And when it comes to locating lost balls, they display truly miraculous abilities.

Once the game is over, its time to retire to the clubhouse, an oasis in every sense of the word. In Hua Hin these surprisingly luxurious clubhouses are an integral part of the local golfing experience. Changing rooms are not only spacious and comfortable, but often boast sauna and massage – an ideal way to relax after a hot and exhausting day on the golf course. Clubhouses invariably offer good restaurants and bars serving a wide range of Thai and international dishes at reasonable prices. Don’t forget the Singha beer! The service and hospitality are typically Thai, warm and welcoming.

Thanks to Hua Hin’s tropical climate, golf came be enjoyed year-around. There are seasons of course, but Hun Hin seems to enjoy 365 sun filled days a year. Downpours can be occasional, but they rarely hold up a game. November to February seem to be the coolest and most popular playing period.

Indeed, a growing number of golfers from Europe, Scandinavia, and Australia escape their harsh winters during this time for the more hospitable weather of Hua Hin with many staying months at a time. Green fees can vary considerably with rates changing according to the time and season, with clubs charging higher fees during busier weekends and lower fees on quieter weekdays.

The popular beach resort of Hua Hin offers excellent courses, with the additional attraction of hillside locations and spectacular sea views. The celebrated Royal Hua Hin Golf Club, dating back to the 1920’s, is not only the country’s first golf course, but remains to this day, one of the finest.
Set immediately beyond the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand is a vast and lush tropical region characterized by a chain of craggy mountains, forests and emerald-colored rice paddies. Visually, it is one of the most stunning regions in Southeast Asia. And at its heart is one of Thailand most celebrated beach resorts, Hua Hin.

Hua Hin is a relaxing resort, a former fishing village that has kept its sedate nature. The main beach is a curving expanse of fine sand leading to Khao Takiab (Chopstick Hill). Next to the fishing pier are many popular restaurants serving every kind fresh seafood, while everyone walks around the town center, a sort of meeting place to talk and have fun.

For holiday makers this seaside resort and surrounding area mean golden sandy beaches, swimming in warm tropical seas, carefree sunny days and long balmy evenings. For golfers Hua Hin means something completely different with access to some of the best-kept, most picturesque and challenging golf courses in this part of the world.