What price ranges are your properties?
How far is Blue Lagoon Resort from the airport? Bangkok?
What are the differences between the various rental properties?
Can we request a specific unit?
Are you right on the beach?
Is Blue Lagoon Resort child friendly?
Do you have a babysitting service?
What are the office hours, and what do we do if arriving after hours?
Is the Blue Lagoon a secure Resort?
What will I find in my kitchen?
Do you have a restaurant on the property?
Can you arrange activities for us?
Do you have meeting rooms for small business groups?
Is there a grocery store nearby?
Are beach towels and pool towels supplied?
What is the maximun number of guests allowed in a rental unit?
Does Hua Hin have a hospital?

Q – What price ranges are your properties?  (back to top)
A – Property rental prices fluctuate according to the season. A one or two bedroom apartment can cost from as little as $200 USD per night in low season (usually from May – September) and $400 USD per night in the high season (October – April).  A three or four bedroom villa can cost from as little as $300 USD  per night  in low season  and up to $500 USD per night in the high season.  All rental rates are negotiable.

Q – How far is Blue Lagoon Resort from the airport? Bangkok?  (back to top)
A – The resort is a ten minute drive from the Hua Hin airport to our doorstep. Scenic commuter flights are available three times daily from the new Suvarnabhumi Airport. By taxi, we are approx. 180 kilometers from Bangkok, about a two hour drive.

Q – What are the differences between the various rental properties?  (back to top)
A – All Blue Lagoon Resort condominiums have the exact layout floorplan. The only difference is the floor you choose. The villas have a different floor plan, then the condominiums. (click here, Floor Plans or in the main menu to view both floorplans).

All of our, one and two bedroom condos are completely surrounded by the pool, and are located throughout the resort complex. The 3rd floor ocean-view condos provide a view of the ocean from your private terrace. The 1st and 2nd floor, one and two bedroom condos feature tropical garden views from within the condo, and have direct access to the 1,250 meter lagoon style pool.

Our three and four bedroom Island Villas are located along the inside of the pool diameter, hence Island Villa. These deluxe accommodations have private pool access and rooftop ocean views.

Q – Can we request a specific rental property?  (back to top)
A – Blue Lagoon Resort has a limited number of rental properties and in order to accommodate all reservations we are unable to guarantee a particular rental unit. However, requests may be made, and we will do our best to honor them.

Q – Are you right on the beach?  (back to top)
A – Yes, the shoreline directly in front of the property is absolutely stunning. A small walkway connects the Sheraton and Blue Lagoon Resort from the ocean. You will enjoy beautiful golden sand beaches, unspoiled romantic walks, and the whole family will love the seclusion.

Q – Is Blue Lagoon Resort child friendly?  (back to top)
A – The spaciousness and luxurious comfort of our rental properties provide families with a relaxing and peaceful home away  from home. Families return to Blue Lagoon Resort, to enjoy the surrounding beaches and many local attractions, then retreat to the elegant comfort of their unit for a quiet family evening, after a day of play, in the sun.

The new Sheraton Resort & Spa features a Star Kids Club with full supervision, so mom and dad can enjoy sipping a cool drink, while soaking up the sun and cool ocean breezes.

We welcome families to Blue Lagoon Resort. However, we ask that parents provide supervision for their children, respecting the privacy of other guests and maintaining the peaceful, serene ambiance for which our property is known. Rules are strictly enforced. Because the pool is situated in the center of the property, excessive pool noise could disrupt other guests in their units. Toys and flotation devices are allowed in the pool. No screaming or loud play is allowed at the pool or elsewhere at Blue Lagoon Resort. Toys, such as scooters, skateboards and bicycles can be used on the property. Our intention is to ensure a safe and restful visit for all Blue Lagoon Resort guests.

Q – Do you have a babysitting service?  (back to top)
A – Yes, we can provide you with an excellent babysitter who will come to your rental unit when you need a night out. Our guests may also participate in the wonderful Kids program offered at the Sheraton Hotel located right next to us.

Q – What are your office hours, and what do we do if arriving after hours?  (back to top)
A – There is no need to visit our office at time of check in. Check in and check out are done directly at the rental property. Our staff are always onsite. If you are arriving after hours, no matter what time it may be, our welcome staff will be awaiting your arrival. We want to make your stay as pleasant as possible without a care or concern.

Q – Is the Blue Lagoon a secure Resort?  (back to top)
A – The Blue Lagoon Resort complex is a guarded and gated community. Perimiter fencing and flower walls surrounds the entire complex. The main entrance gate is manned 24 hours with 2 security guards. You will also be comforted and at ease by roaming security personal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q – What will I find in my kitchen?  (back to top)
A – All of our kitchens are fully fitted and well equipped, with everything from toaster, coffee maker to complete silverware, dinnerware and cookware. You”ll find everything needed to create that perfect culinary delight. We even have BBQ grills for those special occasions.

Q – Do you have a restaurant on the property?  (back to top)
A – Absolutely, The Sheraton Hotel has many fine restaurants to choose from, and an excellent wine cellar. There are several local restaurants within a few minutes walk and many more within a few minutes drive. Hua Hin is known for its fresh, seafood dining. You will find everything from pastries to sandwiches to gourmet dining, right in our neighborhood. The Sheraton bakery provides daily baked fresh bread and delicious pastries.

Q – Can you arrange activities for us?  (back to top)
A – Our staff is here to help you with anything you desire, from making restaurant reservations to arranging tours to describing great adventures for just two or the whole family. Just ask us. (click here, Creative Concierge  or on the main menu).
We also have a 24 hour service assistance telephone number.

Q – Do you have meeting rooms for small business groups?  (back to top)
A – Blue Lagoon Resort is a perfect place for small business groups and company incentive groups. There is a meeting room on the property and we are happy to arrange meeting facilities for your group at the Sheraton Hotel in our complex.

Q – Is there a grocery store nearby?  (back to top)
A – Yes, there are several local grocery stores in our area. Our biggest discount grocery market is in the town of Hua Hin which can easily reached by car or taxi. Our newest shopping market caters to foreigners, and has many known imported brands from the west.

Q – Are beach towels and pool towels supplied?  (back to top)
A – Beach towels and pool towels are supplied in your rental property and the Sheraton Hotel provides them as well.

Q – What is the maximum number of guests allow in a rental unit?  (back to top)
A – Since all of our rental units differ in size, the amount of guests allowed in each rental property differs as well. Our one bedroom apartments accommodate 2 to 4 guests. Our two bedroom apartments accommodate 4 to 6 guests. Our three bedroom villas accommodate 6 to 8 guests and our four bedroom villas accommodate 8 to 10 guests.

Q – Does Hua Hin have a hospital?  (back to top)
A – Yes, Hua Hin has a number of hospitals to deal with any type of injury.  A new hospital has been recently built , paid for by the Royal family, that is equiped with the latest technology and medical equipment, employing doctors educated in the West, capable of dealing with any emergency or ailment. Surgery is now a major international attraction in Thailand, with excellent facilities, appealing rates, and Blue Lagoon Resort is an ideal location for recovery.

We have answered a few questions that you might have wanted to know, if you have any further inquiries about the resort or about your holiday destination, please send us an email and we will be happy to respond to you.    We want our guests to feel totally comfortable that their holiday will be the best ever.