Why a Villa or Apartment?

Why a Villa or Apartment ?

What makes Rental Properties different from other vacation accommodations?

More and more, holiday travelers are looking to villa or condominium rentals for their vacations because they offer many advantages that you won”t find elsewhere. Simply put, a property rental is the ultimate private vacation experience.

Here are a few features that make property rentals different from renting hotels rooms:

Apart from the obvious glamour, beauty, and extreme comfort of renting your own “home away from home”, villas and apartments are less expensive per person when you divide the cost per night among all of the participants.  Villa and apartment renters also save money on meals as they can purchase groceries at the store and BBQ or prepare their own meals in the villa or apartment kitchen, and that is whenever they choose, be it an early breakfast or a midnight snack – no time restrictions or need for reservations!  There is no “front desk” to stand in line and check in and out with either, so many people find this to be a huge benefit to arrive directly to your villa or apartment, kick off your shoes, sip a cool drink and start their vacation without fuss.

Villa and apartment living is truly the way to immerse yourself into the local culture and ambiance of the area while experiencing the ultimate in comfort.

Maximum Privacy

Secluded and intimate, villas and condominiums are the perfect retreat. Far from the crowds and strangers, you”ll be able to relax in peace and solitude or enjoy the company of your family and friends in a comfortable gathering space. Relax and unwind in the privacy of your own space. Having your family and friends together to discuss your holiday options.

Enhanced Experience

Villas and apartments are not just a place to sleep – they are part of your vacation experience. From its décor to its location, a rental property will immerse you in the region”s culture and give you the opportunity to participate in the rhythm of everyday life.

Ultimate Comfort

When you”re on vacation, a villa or apartment is your home away from home, which means you can enjoy your vacation your way. Create your own meals in the kitchen, relax on your private terrace or lounge around the living room, if that”s what you want. Enjoy the spaciousness of a house, all to yourself and create your own time table. Every villa and apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, giving you the option to prepare your own meals, which results in considerable savings in food costs.

Personalized Service

Savor the luxury of attentive maid service and personalized meals prepared by a private cook, or if you prefer solitude, take pleasure in the knowledge that you won”t be disturbed. When you rent a villa or apartment you choose the level of service that will make your vacation experience complete. Activities and services are catered specifically to you and your family or friends needs.

Superior Value

Renting a villa or apartment is often less than the cost of staying in hotel rooms, especially for larger groups, with the added benefit of having your own space. Plus, you control which extras will make your holiday vacation special, rather than having to agree to pre-packaged vacations. You will not pay hidden fees for services or activities that you don”t need or want. Rather than paying for two, three or four separate hotel rooms, you can rent an entire villa or apartment. People who rent villas or apartments often say they”ll never go back to vacationing any other way.

What about holidays?

Renting a villa or apartment for the holidays is one of the very best experiences you can imagine.  Picture yourself surrounded by your family and loved ones in a villa or apartment, experiencing the excitement of something new and different, and the excitement of the holidays.  The areas where our villas and apartments are located celebrate local holidays with a splash so you are sure to have a wonderful time.  One word of caution: RENT EARLY!  Due to the extreme popularity of villa and apartment rentals during holiday season we cannot guarantee that we will have any inventory with less than a 4-6 month window.  Once your villa and apartment is booked though, sit back, relax, and dream of all the fun you will have this holiday season in your beautiful home away from home.

How far in advance should we book?

Generally the sooner the better is the answer to this question.  These villas and apartments are unique, so it is not like a hotel room where there are hundreds of similar rooms.  Once they are booked, they are booked, so choose wisely and choose early to get your first choice of your rental property, especially during the holiday season.  In general most villas and apartments are booked about 6 months in advance, although we do have guests that book 1 year in advance. We suggest at least a minimum two months.  But its up to you, the earlier the booking, the closer to the Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa you can be.

Can a villa or apartment be booked for one night?

All villas and apartments can be booked on a daily basis.  Check with us for details.

Do you book tours and car rentals too?

Absolutely we do!  Just ask us for details and we will be happy to assist you with this portion of your vacation as well.

We are also happy to arrange sightseeing tours and sports activities as well.

Feel free to call us or email us if you have any additional questions!  We’re here to help!